Christmas Cleaning Blog 2015

With Christmas quickly approaching no matter what sector you work in it will always be a busy one, with staff taking time off for Christmas and New Year and still having to meet client deadlines with 60% off your staff at home getting merry; it’s tough- we understand!

However one thing that can create major obstacles for a business on top off missing half the work force is working in a disorganised, cluttered and dirty work environment because you have had to give little old Mary your cleaner time of at Christmas because she has booked the same 2 weeks off for the past 10 years!

If your work environment does not facilitate efficiency at a time when many staff members will be under the most pressure then this could lead to important documents disappearing, accidents and increase stress all round. So I guess it’s up to you to clean each evening? Is it dirtier than you was expecting? Little old Mary is pushing on now and can only do the basics that you can see but that cobweb seems to reach the floor now and it’s down to you to clean it ready for the new office year.

Are you aware that a number of studies published in the past have highlighted a link between productivity and a clean work space? This is even more reason why it’s important to remove all the dust bunnies before they take over!
When staff members are able to work in a place that is pleasant, tidy and organised they are much more likely to be move motivated and engaged in the work process… Are you beginning to think that your office isn’t in the best condition it can be to motivate staff?

I read something that made me think of you the other day! Would you prefer a yellow badge driver or a green badge driver? What do I mean?

Well a yellow badge driver is a black cab that is licensed for one or more of the suburbs in London. A Yellow badge driver is someone that will at the start put their heart into what they do but one day, they decided enough is enough and that they are happy with what they have reached and will stop trying to advance. Does the Yellow badge driver sound similar to Mary?

Whereas a Green badge driver is considered the ninja of cabbies who has mastered the whole of London. The green badge drivers are a different breed entirely. Like South East Facilities Management Ltd they are more ambitious, they want a better life for the clients, an easier time for the client and high customer satisfaction and they will take pains to make it happen.

What I’m saying here is you’re paying the same for Mary as you would for South East Facilities Management, so why change? Because Mary has decided enough is enough with your office cleaning whereas South East Facilities management never will. Change isn’t always bad especially when you enter a different bread of cleaners that can show you what you have been missing out on for years!

By using SEFM Ltd we prevent you being scare of change due to we provide:

⦁ DSB checks on all staff
⦁ Cover when staff request time off and holidays
⦁ Highest training
⦁ Staff suited to your site with a unique cleaning plan suited to you!

Don’t be scared of change! It’s a new year, a new you and a tidy office!

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