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School Cleaning in Kent

Why your school needs a cleaning service in Kent

In every school, it’s essential to the children’s learning that they are in a clean and healthy environment, and at Kent Commercial Cleaners we can guarantee this. 

Our comprehensive school cleaning service ensures that every inch of your school premises remains pristine and inviting. From classrooms and staffrooms to toilets and facilities, we will make sure that your pupils can continue their education uninterrupted.  

Whether you need a one-off clean or are looking to regularly schedule a cleaning service, then get in touch to discuss your quote. 

Classroom cleaning service

What we do

Kent Commercial Cleaners' School Cleaning Services in Kent

General School Cleaning in Kent

Using eco-friendly products, we put your students first. Our team will work diligently to eliminate germs and odors in your school. 

Deep Classroom Cleaning in

Young children are more susceptible to illnesses, so schedule your classrooms for a deep clean to kill any harmful bacteria that might be lingering. 

School Facilities Cleaning in Kent

If your school has facilities that will also need cleaning then we’ve got you covered. We’ll clean kitchens, restrooms, and breakrooms as well as any assembly halls or dining halls. 

High Touch Point Cleaning in Kent

Our high touch point cleaning service ensures that door handles, handrails, phones and light switches are all properly sanitised. 

Emergency School Cleaning in Kent

Unlike routine cleaning, you can rely on our team for urgent or emergency school cleaning situations. 

If you require commercial cleaning services please contact us on 07843 239 938

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